baby fashion.


{Crew and his best bro, Bucket.  Seriously, these two melt me}

image{Crew and Lu Camera leggings}
If you have been following me, I have been hinting that my brand has some projects in the works.  And this my friends, is a sneak peak… Crew & Lu will be revamping it’s website very soon and included will be an ONLINE SHOP!  Seriously, I am so excited I can’t even stand it.  Pretty soon you can outfit your little gem with hip urban styles from Crew & Lu.  We will be offering baby leggings in an assortment of prints that will have your little boys movin and your little girlies shaken!  So keep tuned in, I’ll update on progress of the shop as much as I can.


My friends sweet baby rockin the Aztec print.  Isn’t lil’ Eddie so handsome?  In love with him.


In my post here, I wrote about revamping my blog and finding a web designer.  There are so many fabulous ones out there, that it was so hard to narrow it down.  I wanted a designer that could collaborate with me and bring all my visions to life.  And so… I am thrilled to be working with Red Met Yellow Creative.  I was so proud of myself in the fact that I didn’t make an impulsive decision.  Normally I would have but with Crew & Lu I feel as though I’ve been nurturing this process.  I took a lot of time, asking myself what I wanted from a design team.  If they could achieve the look I envisioned, and honestly if they are cohesive with my brand.  I think it is so important to choose a designer that has your same esthetic.  Red Met Yellow definitely fit that mold.  Not only that, Megan took the time to speak with me to answer any questions I had and put all my fears to rest.  And so another part of the journey has begun.  I am exploding with nervousness, excitement, and I am learning patience.  Can’t wait for you all to see what has to come.

Creative kisses to you.


comic bubbles diy.

How rad are these chalkboard photo props?  They are so extremely easy to make and a great way to add FUN to any party!  Personally, I’d do a impromptu photo shoot with them any time.  Follow these simple steps below to start personalizing your photos!

What you’ll need:
{Cardboard poster, this is thicker than poster board and I found it in the same isle as the poster board}
{Chalkboard paint}
{Wood dowels}
{Gorilla tape or Duct tape}

cartoon pop upThe first couple of steps are simple!  Sketch the shape you want your comic bubble to look like on the back of the cardboard poster.  I wanted my bubbles to be a little bit bigger so I was able to fit two on mine.  I think it would be cute to make slightly smaller ones for kids and honestly there are so many shapes you could do!  Then cut them out with scissors.
cartoon pop up diyAfter my shapes were cut out, I rolled chalkboard paint with a small sponge roller (to get a more even finish).  I painted three coats, giving dry time between the coats.  I’m sure two coats would do but I wanted to make sure the whole surface was even and durable.
Once dried, I attached round wood dowels on the backside of the comic bubbles with Gorilla tape.  And voila!  Have a ball with awesome photos and endless captions!
BucketThis is my dog Bucket!  My hubs and I always narrate what’s going on in his head.
BaconI’m pretty positive this is on his mind daily!  Hee-hee
Pow 1Happy diy!

master bath remodel {part one}.

bathroomremodelFirst of all, I should start off with a disclaimer….we are NOT professionals!  Ha!  My husband and I always sit around and think up big ideas…and I mean BIG!  One evening, we thought of a master plan for our master bath and of course while thinking- we’re rubbing our hands together thinking we are GENIUSES (had to give you a visual).  This is the biggest project either of us has ever taken on and actually we were both renovation virgins.  I honestly think we would have been perfect for that show “Renovation Realities”.  Hey, ya gotta start somewhere right?  I scoured through pinterest, magazines, internet, and even had help with an interior designer at one point to help me figure out what direction I wanted the master bath to go in.  Well, I’m not gonna lie this renovation was a lot bigger than we thought and well…it’s taken us awhile.  But I’m staying positive and always refer to the fact that once it’s finished, it will be mind blowing AMAZING.  Until then…we are still working away!
bath drawingsWe actually started the renovation back when I was pregnant with Crew so I apologize I really don’t have any thorough before pictures.  Hopefully you get the idea with the picture above, I stated where the bath tub was and where the shower was.  As you can see that space where the shower was is teeny tiny.  I’m not a very big person and I even felt like a giant in there, so you can only imagine how my husband was!  Even though I love my baths, my husband and I both agreed that there just wasn’t enough space to have a full tub.  And honestly, we both take more showers than we ever did baths.  Hubs also pointed out that we have our spare bathroom so if I ever wanted to get pruney hands, I could take a bath in there.  One big concern was of course, resale of our home…would new owners think it’s funny there’s no tub in the master bath?  We decided to take the risk to have no tub but upgrade to spa like amenities and have a steam shower.  We hope future buyers will agree with us and will think it’s awesome like we do.
uyen.lance bathroom remodel{handy hubby and I…I think I was about 8 months pregnant here}
tileMy hubby really wanted the steam shower so I let him run with that.  Everything else, he left to me.  He has been amazing helping my vision come to life and has been so easy going with the choices I’ve made.  And lucky for me, he’s loved everything I’ve thrown at him.  I have to say we’ve collaborated really well so far.  I love the look of marble, I think it comes across so classy and clean.  I picked out tile that had grey undertones rather than brown and he painstakeingly hand cut every tile to make this herringbone pattern I’m absolutely obsessed with!  We had some help with the tiling as we were at crunch time (baby boy was going to make his appearance any day).  We at least wanted the shower portion of the renovation done.  I was actually running out to pick up more tile, when I went into labor!  But that’s another story in itself.
tile2So while I was in labor and experienced the best day of my life…the shower took shape.  Can you see the gloriousness…My hubs was with me at the hospital but got to check in quick at home to see the progress.
finishedshowerAfter we got home and settled with the baby…we got to work on the shower.  And the shower portion finally got done!  Whoopee!
finishedshower2rainshowerWe installed a rain shower head (Kohler- similar one here).  It’s seriously my favorite part, feels like you’re under a waterfall!
bottomshowerI wanted to keep the herringbone pattern on the bottom of the shower…I didn’t want too much going on but I thought this smaller tile complimented the shower as a whole perfectly.
showerAnd part one…DONE!  Hope you like our shower- we are in love with it!  Now on to part two.  Remember where the old shower was…that teeny tiny space?  That my friends, is going to become my vanity.  Part two coming soon!

Blush and gold tassel key chain.

tassel 5Blush and gold is one of my favorite color schemes.  Pair these two together and you can’t go wrong.  I keep seeing the cutest key chains at coach, kate spade, and other fine stores but I felt I could tackle this project myself.  I used this tutorial over at LovelyIndeed blog, you can get step by step instructions there.  I revamped mine a bit and added a little gold twist to it.  I am absolutely in love with it and I’m sure my keys enjoy dressing up too!  I have also clipped it to a clutch of mine and revived that as well!  So many options!
tassel 1I started out by cutting my strip of leather (or faux leather) to 10 inches x 4 1/2 inches.  I then wanted to spruce it up by modge podging gold leaf to it.  I added gold leaf all the way across the leather leaving about an inch at the top without gold leaf.  I intentionally scattered the gold leaf imperfectly.  I liked that it had an organic feel to it!
tassel 2After I let the gold leaf dry (about an hour), I brushed a very light coat of modge podge on top of the gold leaf to set it.  I also made sure I lightly removed any excess gold leaf.
tassel 3I sliced each section with about 1/4 of an inch space between each cut and left  roughly an inch on top uncut.
tassel 4I then used super glue to adhere the clip attached to the strip of leather and started to roll the fringe leather around that piece.  As you can see I opted for a clip rather than a key ring.  I felt like it would be more versatile.
tassel 6And voila! Isn’t it pretty!  Obsessed.

Love this key chain and want to dress up your keys?  Guess what… I made an extra one!
Two ways to enter:
1)  Follow me on Instagram (crewandlu), repost this pic with #crewandlu (also tag me @crewandlu)
2)  Follow my blog and leave a comment on this post!

Winner will be announced Friday 03/29! Xoxo

: Congrats to Christina C.!  We’ll be in touch 😉

glitter love.

giltter clothespin clipGold and glitter = LOVE!  Does anybody love sparkles as much as I do?  This is super easy and dresses up any paperwork into a beauty.  If you have to look at piles of paper for work, why not make it pretty!  These glitter clothespin clips are perfect for a craft party I’m planning and will be lovely accompanying the invitations.
tools glitter clothespinTools you’ll need
{any soft tip brush}
{glitter-any size and color of your choice, I chose gold because I have an obsession}
{mini clothespins, I used ones that are a little over 1 and 1/2 inches.  You can find similar here}
{mod podge}
glitter clothespinWith your brush paint a layer of Modge Podge onto the clothespins.  While it’s wet, sprinkle the glitter generously over the clothespins.  Let dry for about 30 min to an hour.
glitter clothespin 2Carefully tap each clothespin to remove the excess glitter.
clothespin 3Paint one more layer on top of the clothespins and glitter to set the glitter into place.
card and clothespinAnd voila!  Glitter goodness for any occasion.

“Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins”.  -Paris Hilton
{Yes, I did just quote Paris Hilton- I know what you’re thinking. Ha!}

light bulb ideas.

You know when you go about your daily routine and out of the blue “ding” a thought hits you.  I love those moments!  Most of those moments happen at the most inconvenient times though… like when I’m driving and I can’t write anything down.  Then I go on this 15 minute bout with Siri trying to tell her to make a note for me.  Apparently I don’t enunciate enough because every time I look back at my notes, it looks like gibberish.  Any how I will get to the point, I will start a segment titled “light bulb ideas”.  These posts will be about things that I should have done before or seriously… why didn’t I think of that?  I’m not gonna lie, you’ll probably read some posts thinking…”really Uyen…ummm ok?”.  But to me, I will most likely think its mind blowing!

I believe in investing in jewelry that is timeless and classic.  Example, my wedding ring, stud earrings, etc.  But I know most of us are on a fashion budget.  I have many pieces that I adore from Forever 21 or random shops.  And I love that I can stay in trend but not spend a ton.  The problem with those pieces of jewelry, specifically my rings are… well… the mark around your finger reminding you it’s not real!  Not to fret…here comes the light bulb idea!

{a few pieces of my budget friendly rings}
rings{Julep fast drying top coat nail polish- Any clear nail polish will do}ring3{paint the inside of your ring with two coats of nail polish letting it dry between each coat}
ring4{and voila! no more mark around your fingers}
rings 2