master bath remodel {part one}.

bathroomremodelFirst of all, I should start off with a disclaimer….we are NOT professionals!  Ha!  My husband and I always sit around and think up big ideas…and I mean BIG!  One evening, we thought of a master plan for our master bath and of course while thinking- we’re rubbing our hands together thinking we are GENIUSES (had to give you a visual).  This is the biggest project either of us has ever taken on and actually we were both renovation virgins.  I honestly think we would have been perfect for that show “Renovation Realities”.  Hey, ya gotta start somewhere right?  I scoured through pinterest, magazines, internet, and even had help with an interior designer at one point to help me figure out what direction I wanted the master bath to go in.  Well, I’m not gonna lie this renovation was a lot bigger than we thought and well…it’s taken us awhile.  But I’m staying positive and always refer to the fact that once it’s finished, it will be mind blowing AMAZING.  Until then…we are still working away!
bath drawingsWe actually started the renovation back when I was pregnant with Crew so I apologize I really don’t have any thorough before pictures.  Hopefully you get the idea with the picture above, I stated where the bath tub was and where the shower was.  As you can see that space where the shower was is teeny tiny.  I’m not a very big person and I even felt like a giant in there, so you can only imagine how my husband was!  Even though I love my baths, my husband and I both agreed that there just wasn’t enough space to have a full tub.  And honestly, we both take more showers than we ever did baths.  Hubs also pointed out that we have our spare bathroom so if I ever wanted to get pruney hands, I could take a bath in there.  One big concern was of course, resale of our home…would new owners think it’s funny there’s no tub in the master bath?  We decided to take the risk to have no tub but upgrade to spa like amenities and have a steam shower.  We hope future buyers will agree with us and will think it’s awesome like we do.
uyen.lance bathroom remodel{handy hubby and I…I think I was about 8 months pregnant here}
tileMy hubby really wanted the steam shower so I let him run with that.  Everything else, he left to me.  He has been amazing helping my vision come to life and has been so easy going with the choices I’ve made.  And lucky for me, he’s loved everything I’ve thrown at him.  I have to say we’ve collaborated really well so far.  I love the look of marble, I think it comes across so classy and clean.  I picked out tile that had grey undertones rather than brown and he painstakeingly hand cut every tile to make this herringbone pattern I’m absolutely obsessed with!  We had some help with the tiling as we were at crunch time (baby boy was going to make his appearance any day).  We at least wanted the shower portion of the renovation done.  I was actually running out to pick up more tile, when I went into labor!  But that’s another story in itself.
tile2So while I was in labor and experienced the best day of my life…the shower took shape.  Can you see the gloriousness…My hubs was with me at the hospital but got to check in quick at home to see the progress.
finishedshowerAfter we got home and settled with the baby…we got to work on the shower.  And the shower portion finally got done!  Whoopee!
finishedshower2rainshowerWe installed a rain shower head (Kohler- similar one here).  It’s seriously my favorite part, feels like you’re under a waterfall!
bottomshowerI wanted to keep the herringbone pattern on the bottom of the shower…I didn’t want too much going on but I thought this smaller tile complimented the shower as a whole perfectly.
showerAnd part one…DONE!  Hope you like our shower- we are in love with it!  Now on to part two.  Remember where the old shower was…that teeny tiny space?  That my friends, is going to become my vanity.  Part two coming soon!


4 thoughts on “master bath remodel {part one}.

  1. Uyennie!!! I LOVE this! What tile did you use for this? I am currently in the process of a COMPLETE renovation of our new house and would love this for my shower! Thanks love! Awesome job!


    • Thanks Trish! Visit Floor Decor in Tempe, by Ikea! They have an amazing selection. We actually cut each tile to make this herringbone pattern. But we bought the tiles on the bottom and top of the shower in pre-cut panels! House renovation can be fun but is soooo much work.

      We have to catch up! xoxo

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