5 Ways to spark your relationship.

image163547_10201073571947270_643357363_nHandsome hubs and I have been married for almost three years.  We’ve actually known each other since junior high; time does go by faster as you get older.  We didn’t speak to each other for years after high school, but once we reunited we both knew it was meant to be.  I love this man to the moon and back, and yes he would lasso the moon for me.  Truth, marriage is work.  That last sentence sounds so negative, but it’s honest.  It is work I’m willing to do and in return, it has the biggest reward.  Unconditional love.  The hardest part about being in a relationship is realizing how selfish I can be.  I do this, I need this, I want.  The start of our relationship came so easy…why?  I wanted him to be happy.  I brought him lunch, did his laundry, and picked up his socks around the house. Not because it was expected of me but because I wanted to.  I wanted to take care of him and that made me feel good.  As my relationship matured, I lost sight of that.  Instead of focusing on what made him happy I started to compare what we each contributed to the household.  That is not a good outlook.  Comparing one another’s value in a relationship will only bring negative emotions and make situations worse.  I had to take a step back and take a look at the whole picture.  I admit sometimes I have “Uyen glasses” on.  I like to argue my point of view and show I have an imprint in the world.  I want to prove to my husband I’m a strong and smart woman.  When in reality I don’t need to prove a thing because he does think all those things and more.   Instead of focusing on the negative and what I felt he didn’t do, I evaluated my role- what I contributed to the relationship.  I realized we are on the same team.  We might see things differently on some subjects but as long as we maintain that respect for each other, our relationship will keep blossoming.  He challenges me to be a good person and in the grand scheme of things, isn’t that one of our purposes in life?  To make one another better?  That’s one of my goals at least.  Lance and I made a commitment to one another and decided that putting each other first is a must.  Making my other half happy has in return made me happy.  Light bulb moment…the LOVE comes full circle.  That thought makes me smile.  When we keep that in mind, we’ve been the giddiest.

Here are five ways to spark in your relationship.

1.  Have a conversation.  With no distracting elements (no phones, tv, computer, etc).  Think about the last time you had a conversation where you felt like your partner was really listening to you.  Take a time out from electronics and you will feel more connected to your better half.

2.  Cook each other breakfast.  Take turns on this one.  Nothing better than to start a day with a meal made by the one you love.

3.  Post it love notes.  You can never hear I love you enough right?  Even if you say it everyday, jot a little somethin-somethin and leave it somewhere unexpected.  Example, I left a love note on hubs’ steering wheel, so when he left for work he’d find it.

4.  Attack a house project together.  This will test your team work.  Have good communication and know that you have the same goal in mind- to finish the project, ha!  Lance and I are currently practicing this one right now.  He’s helping me renovate my studio/office and he has been so amazing.  I do have to do a little shout out here.  I have one of the most supportive husband’s ever!  He believes in me no matter what and I am truly lucky.

5.  Laugh with each other.  There is nothing sexier than to be yourself, so let your guard down.  Laughter is contagious and can instantly improve your mood.  If you are happy, most likely your mate will be happy!

Keep your love brewing…xoxo!


baby boy style {Memorial Day}


Chambray shirt | Red shorts | Me + Dad onesie | Shorts with braces | Fedora hat | Red mesh shoes | Star poplin shirt | Cargo navy one- piece

I gathered some adorable pieces for boys to sport on Memorial Day.  I am so impressed with how cute boys clothes are becoming.  Designers are realizing that they have to keep boys just as trendy as the girls.  I try to dress my little gem in hip urban styles, but the most important is how comfortable the clothes are.  Crew is 10 months, so as you know he’s a movin and a shaken.  I try to dress him in light weight clothing that breathes well since it’s approaching summer.  My favorite site to stock his wardrobe is Zara.  Seriously, I love their kids line.  They bring a fresh, modern, and fun feel to their looks.  Their clothing is pretty true to size and are superb in quality.  Obviously, Gap kids is always a perfect place to find baby clothing.  I love their onesie’s because they are all made from sturdy cotton and they last forever.  You can never go wrong with Old Navy.  They are so affordable, which is a plus because little ones grow so fast.  I get so giddy when I look for outfits for Crew.  I could probably shop for kids clothes for days.

Is there a favorite brand you like to dress your little one in?

weekend recap.


Hubs and I visited one of our favorite resorts this weekend, the Montelucia.  If you get a chance, I would highly recommend it.  We stayed for one night- a mini stay-cation of sorts.  It was a perfect way to spend my Mother’s Day.  Little man loves the water… this was the first exploration for pool day and it was a hit.  Looks like I will be looking into swimming lessons soon.

poolcrew1mom and crewHope you had a lovely weekend.

baby fashion.


{Crew and his best bro, Bucket.  Seriously, these two melt me}

image{Crew and Lu Camera leggings}
If you have been following me, I have been hinting that my brand has some projects in the works.  And this my friends, is a sneak peak… Crew & Lu will be revamping it’s website very soon and included will be an ONLINE SHOP!  Seriously, I am so excited I can’t even stand it.  Pretty soon you can outfit your little gem with hip urban styles from Crew & Lu.  We will be offering baby leggings in an assortment of prints that will have your little boys movin and your little girlies shaken!  So keep tuned in, I’ll update on progress of the shop as much as I can.


My friends sweet baby rockin the Aztec print.  Isn’t lil’ Eddie so handsome?  In love with him.


In my post here, I wrote about revamping my blog and finding a web designer.  There are so many fabulous ones out there, that it was so hard to narrow it down.  I wanted a designer that could collaborate with me and bring all my visions to life.  And so… I am thrilled to be working with Red Met Yellow Creative.  I was so proud of myself in the fact that I didn’t make an impulsive decision.  Normally I would have but with Crew & Lu I feel as though I’ve been nurturing this process.  I took a lot of time, asking myself what I wanted from a design team.  If they could achieve the look I envisioned, and honestly if they are cohesive with my brand.  I think it is so important to choose a designer that has your same esthetic.  Red Met Yellow definitely fit that mold.  Not only that, Megan took the time to speak with me to answer any questions I had and put all my fears to rest.  And so another part of the journey has begun.  I am exploding with nervousness, excitement, and I am learning patience.  Can’t wait for you all to see what has to come.

Creative kisses to you.

time…is on my side.

7FEE20B5-1FDA-43AD-BFDD-F74AA6861B35I find myself always looking at the clock.
As I reflect, I used to look at the time and I remember the feeling of anxiousness or excitement.  Counting down the seconds till I could get out of class or when I could meet my friends for a night on the town.  Minutes to when I could see my boyfriend or the seconds it took for him to open my car door. The feeling of having no cares in the world, no responsibilities, and just live by the moment decisions.   Time was on my side…I miss those feelings.
As I’ve aged through the years, I look at time now and those carefree feelings have changed.  Anxiousness has turned into panic and excitement has turned into stress.  Balancing my time has been such a struggle for me lately.  I feel as though I have lost my hidden talent to juggle many activities all at once.  In my head, I have an agenda of all the things I need to get done; I plan accordingly and before I know it I blink my eyes and time snuck up on me.  Then it surpasses me.  I end up chasing time and in the end I feel defeated by not accomplishing tasks I needed to do.  I apologize constantly for always being five minutes late (if you know me, it’s almost like it’s a part of my DNA), I’m embarrassed because half the time I look like a hot mess, and most of all I hate feeling scatter-brained.
But then, I have to remind myself….I’m human.  I have a perfectionist personality and I have to learn to let things go.  Or to better put it, realize that you don’t have to do everything all at once.  And most importantly, to not sweat the small stuff.  I think I put the pressure on myself to get everything I want done in one sitting and sometimes that’s just not possible.  Reminding myself to BREATHE has been super helpful.  Letting myself take a few minutes to regroup and weed out what is really important at this moment or if I could put it aside till I have more time is something that I’m still learning to do.   Making myself a list everyday allows me to visually organize my time and has been a useful tool to helping me find more BALANCE.
Balance has been so important in creating a healthy and happy relationship between my husband, baby, and work.   I’ve realized that most important thing in my life is my family.  As long as I can see my sons beautiful smile and have the support of my amazing husband, that’s the best feeling I could ever ask for.  Regaining confidence in myself is the next step, everything else will fall into place just as it should be.
Finding balance is hard and I’m still working on it.  But the good thing is,
I have time on my side….and my family.

weekend recap {iphone style}

UntitledWe had a lovely weekend and hope you did too!  Lance and I are so fortunate to have both sides of our family close by.  We wouldn’t know what we would do without them!  This weekend was filled with my nephews baseball games, parks, and lots of kisses for little man.  The first picture on the top left melts my heart… Crew loves his Grandpa!  I don’t know about you, but the weekends fly by too fast.

weekend recap.

Crew03.24.13Seriously…I am absolutely in love with this sweet baby boy!  I heard over and over again when I was pregnant that being a mother is the best thing in the world…and really it is!  I love being his mother and I enjoy doing everything with him.  I love seeing him take everything in, you can see him processing information- babies are so smart!  So crazy that I was just carrying him in my belly 9 months ago!  A group of friends had coordinated a barbecue at a park this past weekend and it was so fun, especially seeing all of us with little ones now.
Crew 3 03.24.13Crew 2 03.24.13{Crew couldn’t get enough of this basketball.  I think we have a player on our hands!}
Crew4 03.24.13After a fun day at the park, Crew got to hang out with his cousins.  He adores them and thinks they are so cool!
coloringeggsWe are excited to celebrate Crew’s first Easter!
mama and crew 03.24.13

eggsAs you might have noticed…I love GOLD!  I thought it would be pretty to add some gold leaf to create depth to the eggs.

“Family is not an important thing.  It is everything”.-  Michael J. Fox