weekend recap.


Hubs and I visited one of our favorite resorts this weekend, the Montelucia.  If you get a chance, I would highly recommend it.  We stayed for one night- a mini stay-cation of sorts.  It was a perfect way to spend my Mother’s Day.  Little man loves the water… this was the first exploration for pool day and it was a hit.  Looks like I will be looking into swimming lessons soon.

poolcrew1mom and crewHope you had a lovely weekend.



black and white 2

{Asos black crop top | Asos Midi Skirt | Jimmy Choo wedges}
I love me some stripes!  My sister recently threw a lavish birthday party for my brother in law and requested guests to dress in black and white.  I didn’t complain as I love wearing that color scheme.  Not only is black so complementing to every body type but it’s just classic.  The 80’s have been makin a come back and I’m definitely jumping in and testing some of it’s beloved trends.  I’m not one to wear anything too showy or flashy but in this circumstance, why not?  So I busted out the mid-drift bearing crop top.  Gave just a peek of skin and paired it with a high wasted striped midi skirt.  There was so much going on with the stripes that I just accessorized with some arm candy and as always, nude wedges.  I loved twirling in this skirt!
lookblackand whiteblackandwhitefamily 5I go gaga when I see hubs in a nice button up shirt.  He cleans up well!  And I can’t forget little man, I dressed him in a classic linen shirt from Crazy 8 and paired it with a nice black skinny jean from H&M.  Seriously, I giggle with how cute baby clothes are these days!  I’m a photographolic!  I am obsessed with trying to capture every moment but their mostly of just Crew, Crew with dad, or Crew with me.  So I was so happy when we were able to capture some family pics!
family1family 3{Just wait…you know what’s comin…..}
family 4{OUCH!}

weekend recap.

TKThis is TK…one of my three sisters.  We four sisters have a special bond, unexplainable.  I’ll highlight my sisters in future posts, till then I’ll fill you in on what happened in my world this past  weekend.  TK and I attended The Shine Project’s Beauty Bar event and it was so fun getting pampered.  I did a post about The Shine Project here…and if you haven’t read up on them you should because they are amazing.  Truly inspiring, Ashley (founder of The Shine Project) is creating such an awesome movement.
Beautybar{Sorry didn’t have many shots from the event, it was so windy that night.  This pic is from my iPhone}  We got to hear from some students, past recipients of The Shine Project Scholarship Fund and future applicants.  They were all so sweet and grateful!
crew swimWe also attended my friend’s son’s fourth birthday party.  And as you can see Crew got some water time fun in.  Let me tell you, he loves the water…maybe a future swimmer on our hands?  Ha!  So fun to watch him splash around thinking he is one of the big kids!
crewanddaddy{iphone pic}
crewleggings{iphone pic}
So excited that I got to work on my sewing skills this weekend.  I’ve never really had that much patience but I’m learning.  And the gratification I get when I have a finished product is just peachy!  I love love love baby leggings!  Not only do they look super cool but I feel like they would be so much more comfortable for the babes to crawl around in…

aztec leggingsheadbands{iphone pic}
Of course I had to get some girly stuff in there too.  Head bands are so cute on baby girls, I can’t stand it!
crew in leggings{iphone pic}
Crew rockin his baby leggings.  Seriously this kid is just too cool.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

weekend recap {san diego}.

uyen21This pic pretty much sums our weekend.  My hubs and I have always LOVED San Diego and now we can enjoy it with our son!  I know, I know what you’re thinking…he’s so young.  Well I guess we are building memories for us.  These precious moments at his age don’t last for very long and I want to cherish every moment.  It was so fun to see him take everything in, and of course it was fun for us too!
uyen10{He loved this little spin ride}
PicMonkey Collage2{top left: At Sea World, one of my favorite pics- I just love Crew’s expression here | top right: he loves the camera | bottom left:  we call this the dad backpack- yep we’ve hit that point in our lives | bottom right: view next to our hotel}
The weather in San Diego this weekend was a bit chilly.  But that didn’t stop us from taking all the sights in.  We stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Mission Bay, loved that it was walking distance to Sea World but disappointed that they didn’t offer any type of shuttle service.  Other than that, the staff was super friendly and the accommodations were nice.  Couldn’t complain, I was on vacay!
PicMonkey Collage{too many pics to choose from, so I just made a collage of some or this post would be a mile long}
uyen17uyen18uyen19{our little monkey}

*Thoughts and prayers to Boston.

weekend recap {iphone style}

UntitledWe had a lovely weekend and hope you did too!  Lance and I are so fortunate to have both sides of our family close by.  We wouldn’t know what we would do without them!  This weekend was filled with my nephews baseball games, parks, and lots of kisses for little man.  The first picture on the top left melts my heart… Crew loves his Grandpa!  I don’t know about you, but the weekends fly by too fast.

weekend recap.

weekend 2St. Patty’s Day weekend-this Holiday snuck up on me!  Where does the time go?  We love family time… I have been so busy lately that I really cherish the moments I can spend with my family.  My hubs and I have made family fun day a must so no matter how much we have to do or need to get done, it pretty much goes on the back burner.  The pile of dishes in the sink can wait! Along with the unfolded laundry, unmade bed, etc.  Bahaha!  I know… a hot mess, yes that’s me 🙂

The Coffee Shop is one of my favorite places!  I crave their coffee, particularly their Spanish Latte and their food is quite delish.  It was such a perfect day to come here as we sat outside and marveled in sunshine.  Little man was quite a happy bee, making us giggle thinking we have the coolest kid in town as every parent does.  These are the moments I can not get enough of…I need to stop and remind myself that this is why we both work so hard.  Of course, I think any mom would choose to be a stay at home mom.  I have been torn lately because I feel like I am missing out on such a precious time in my sons life.  He is growing so fast, it feels like I just delivered him and at a blink of an eye he’s crawling all over the place!  But then again, I can’t see myself not working.  I am very ambitious and don’t like to give up.  I have many plans…  Maybe one day I will actually figure it out!  But  as of right now I am a working mama bringing home the bacon.  As my husband says, my “play money”.  Does anyone else have experience with juggling being a mama and a being career woman as well?
Any advice is surely welcomed!  Just wanted to make a quick shout out to the hubs…thank you- thank you for your patience with me and most importantly being my biggest fan.  I’m not sure how many people this blog will reach but I for sure know I will always have my hubs as a viewer. 🙂

weekendLance{hubs trying to wrangle our dog who LOVES to just pull you anywhere}
Crew DJ{our little man, seriously the love of our lives}
Crew DJ 3Crew DJ 2{don’t you wanna give him a big smooch-a-roo here}
Mama and Crew{jean jacket from H & M, skirt from Forever 21, Ray-Ban aviators, Crew’s hat from Gap}

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present”.  ~Jim Rohn