5 Ways to dress when you’re not your hot self.

UyenHave you ever had one of those days… when you try on four different outfits and you hate everything you have on because you just feel yucky in them?  Then, under your breath in a depressed tone you say “UGH, I have nothing to wear” while staring at a closet full of clothes.  Yep, I’m raising my hand as we speak.  I truly feel we get so frustrated at our selves because in the moment when you feel horrible, we tend to grab things that accentuate our frustrations.  Example, when I feel a little bloated, it’s probably not a good idea to grab that form fitted shirt to go with skinny jeans.  I’m not saying to dress frumpy, don’t take your mood out on your wardrobe.  But you can definitely still dress chic and cute in a comfortable way when you’re not feelin so hot!
042513_WOM_tshirtChic_DIR_US1b{Drawstring maxi dress and denim vest, GAP}
1)  Go for PATTERN!  Pattern is great way to cover up and disguise what you are feeling.  This horizontal stripe is so flattering, and immediately draws your eye to the outfit as a whole.  Add a cute denim vest to break up the stripes and you have a look that is so comfortable.

image1xxl{Black maxi skirt, Asos}
2)  BLACK is a girls best friend!  This color is so flattering on all body types!  A high wasted maxi skirt can define your waist, giving you shape and yet it doesn’t “hug” your legs making you feel stuffy.  I love how it’s paired with a flowy tank that has a subtle pattern giving it just enough femininity.

56877_KP1801_m{Baseball tee, JCrew}
3)  Who doesn’t love a great Tee?  I love contrasting colors- the baseball style t-shirt draws the focus to the upper body so people will be noticing your rockin hair or your bright smile right away!

image1xl{Tie dye maxi dress, Asos}
4)  Don’t be afraid to show some shoulders.  When wearing a full covering outfit, make sure you leave some skin so you are not covered head to toe.  Especially, when I’m feeling more bloated than usual I don’t like to dress in anything tight or form fitting.  This maxi dress has a perfect balance of being loose but not to frumpy.

V363103-1{Sweatpants, Victoria Secret}
5)  There has a been such a big “no- no” to sweatpants.  And you know what…if you wanna wear sweatpants, then give them some LOVE and sport em’!  Remember it’s all about how you feel, and let’s be honest, they are just the coziest!  Throw on a cute denim jacket and you’ve just dressed them up a bit.

So the next time you are feeling a little down, make sure you are picking your outfit to compliment what you feel good about that day!  Don’t stress too much about the clothes and focus on either your hair or make-up.  The frumpy day feeling will pass and I’m sure the next day you’ll be trending in your heels and mini skirt!


bobbing for baubles.


| 1.  Melon Deco Strand, Baublebar | 2.  Small Domed Logo Stud Earring, Tory Burch |
| 3.  Crystal shapes bracelet, JCrew |4.  Enamel Stud Bangle, Baublebar
| 5.  Crystal and neon chevron bracelet, JCrew | 6.  Rose Omega Cuff, Baublebar |

I’m totally crushing over these pieces.  As you can see I love arm candy.  I stack bracelets of all sizes all the time, and I even mix up metals.  I love gold and silver together so I don’t mind contrasting metals.  I recently discovered Baublebar, they have the most cute and trendy pieces at such an affordable price.  My love for JCrew has grown this past year, their style seems to be gearing toward more modern elements with the JCrew twist.  So happy they are on their A-game.

I’m always looking for new shops!  Do you have any shops you’d like to expose me to?


black and white 2

{Asos black crop top | Asos Midi Skirt | Jimmy Choo wedges}
I love me some stripes!  My sister recently threw a lavish birthday party for my brother in law and requested guests to dress in black and white.  I didn’t complain as I love wearing that color scheme.  Not only is black so complementing to every body type but it’s just classic.  The 80’s have been makin a come back and I’m definitely jumping in and testing some of it’s beloved trends.  I’m not one to wear anything too showy or flashy but in this circumstance, why not?  So I busted out the mid-drift bearing crop top.  Gave just a peek of skin and paired it with a high wasted striped midi skirt.  There was so much going on with the stripes that I just accessorized with some arm candy and as always, nude wedges.  I loved twirling in this skirt!
lookblackand whiteblackandwhitefamily 5I go gaga when I see hubs in a nice button up shirt.  He cleans up well!  And I can’t forget little man, I dressed him in a classic linen shirt from Crazy 8 and paired it with a nice black skinny jean from H&M.  Seriously, I giggle with how cute baby clothes are these days!  I’m a photographolic!  I am obsessed with trying to capture every moment but their mostly of just Crew, Crew with dad, or Crew with me.  So I was so happy when we were able to capture some family pics!
family1family 3{Just wait…you know what’s comin…..}
family 4{OUCH!}

on the go gal.

Uyen{1.  Nude bow flats  2.  Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag  3.  JCrew link bracelet  4.  RayBan aviators  5.  Rag and Bone pocket tee  6.  Rachel Zoe jersey skirt}

As a first time mama, I’m still learning how to juggle my time.  People who know me, just know I’m going to run five minutes late.  I can’t help it, it’s as if it’s in my DNA.  I try so hard too!  I set my alarm extra early; I trick myself to thinking I have to be wherever I need to be an hour before I really have to be there; I organize everything the night before; and still the clock isn’t on my side.  What can I say…I’m a work in progress and I’m working on it.  So if I’m not there in five minutes…just wait longer 😉  But I promise I’ll hurry hurry hurry!
Here are my outfit picks for an on the go gal!  This casual everyday outfit would be super comfortable and perfect for running errands or maybe meeting your girlfriends for lunch.   For me, I’d probably be chasing my little man in it!  Light weight and versatile!  I am in love with nude shoes…since I’m short it helps elongate my line.  Nude also goes with everything!  Just because I’m a mama, doesn’t mean I have to carry a clunky-cheesy diaper bag.  How cute is this Petunia Pick Bottom Cake?!  I have the same style in yellow and I love it!  It doesn’t look like a diaper bag and honestly I would totally use it for a weekend bag or carry on!  This bag has just enough compartments to store all of your babies needs.  This JCrew link bracelet is something I’ve had my eye on for a while!  I love to layer my bracelets and this particular one would be perfect for layering.  Pair it with some dainty bracelets and your arm candy will “shine bright like a diamond” (I literally just sang that out loud).  I love love love my aviators.  I have other sunglasses but I always pick these ones as my go to glasses!  Even if I’m sporting work out clothes, these aviators seem to make me look put together.  Isn’t everyone always searching for the perfect tee?  A white T-shirt should definitely be a staple in anyone’s closet.  A nice fitted tee can pair with jeans, skirts, shorts, oh the possibili-TEES!  <—-Ha, so clever (I’m really proud of that one, haha).  And lastly this skirt!  A grey jersey maxi…ummm YES please!  I adore this because instead of a regular loose fitting maxi this particular maxi has a mermaid silhouette giving you a more tailored casual look.  My closet has a reserved spot for the jersey maxi, just don’t tell my hubby!*!