i want.

86c8c8c708c373312736e8c1fc9295eaFrench Macaroon pill box

In love with how dainty these boxes are.  I have quite a crush on French Macaroons and having one of these in my purse would light me up.


Toy camera

This wooden toy camera would be perfect for my little man.  I’m always snapping pictures of him, it’s about time I get him started on my hobby.  Twigcreative is an awesome company.  Check them out.  They are going to be huge.


Plastic mason jar mug

Perfect for summer.  Need I say more?  LOVE.


Lucite clutch

I have to give credit to my friend, Rachel.  She is the most stylish fashionista I know!  We met for brunch last Sunday for a friend’s baby shower, and as I was walking in the restaurant- I spotted this gem (no pun intended) on the table and it was love at first sight.  Obsessed- yep this beauty is on it’s way to me.  Thank you Rachel… xoxoxo!

Retail therapy 🙂


5 Ways to spark your relationship.

image163547_10201073571947270_643357363_nHandsome hubs and I have been married for almost three years.  We’ve actually known each other since junior high; time does go by faster as you get older.  We didn’t speak to each other for years after high school, but once we reunited we both knew it was meant to be.  I love this man to the moon and back, and yes he would lasso the moon for me.  Truth, marriage is work.  That last sentence sounds so negative, but it’s honest.  It is work I’m willing to do and in return, it has the biggest reward.  Unconditional love.  The hardest part about being in a relationship is realizing how selfish I can be.  I do this, I need this, I want.  The start of our relationship came so easy…why?  I wanted him to be happy.  I brought him lunch, did his laundry, and picked up his socks around the house. Not because it was expected of me but because I wanted to.  I wanted to take care of him and that made me feel good.  As my relationship matured, I lost sight of that.  Instead of focusing on what made him happy I started to compare what we each contributed to the household.  That is not a good outlook.  Comparing one another’s value in a relationship will only bring negative emotions and make situations worse.  I had to take a step back and take a look at the whole picture.  I admit sometimes I have “Uyen glasses” on.  I like to argue my point of view and show I have an imprint in the world.  I want to prove to my husband I’m a strong and smart woman.  When in reality I don’t need to prove a thing because he does think all those things and more.   Instead of focusing on the negative and what I felt he didn’t do, I evaluated my role- what I contributed to the relationship.  I realized we are on the same team.  We might see things differently on some subjects but as long as we maintain that respect for each other, our relationship will keep blossoming.  He challenges me to be a good person and in the grand scheme of things, isn’t that one of our purposes in life?  To make one another better?  That’s one of my goals at least.  Lance and I made a commitment to one another and decided that putting each other first is a must.  Making my other half happy has in return made me happy.  Light bulb moment…the LOVE comes full circle.  That thought makes me smile.  When we keep that in mind, we’ve been the giddiest.

Here are five ways to spark in your relationship.

1.  Have a conversation.  With no distracting elements (no phones, tv, computer, etc).  Think about the last time you had a conversation where you felt like your partner was really listening to you.  Take a time out from electronics and you will feel more connected to your better half.

2.  Cook each other breakfast.  Take turns on this one.  Nothing better than to start a day with a meal made by the one you love.

3.  Post it love notes.  You can never hear I love you enough right?  Even if you say it everyday, jot a little somethin-somethin and leave it somewhere unexpected.  Example, I left a love note on hubs’ steering wheel, so when he left for work he’d find it.

4.  Attack a house project together.  This will test your team work.  Have good communication and know that you have the same goal in mind- to finish the project, ha!  Lance and I are currently practicing this one right now.  He’s helping me renovate my studio/office and he has been so amazing.  I do have to do a little shout out here.  I have one of the most supportive husband’s ever!  He believes in me no matter what and I am truly lucky.

5.  Laugh with each other.  There is nothing sexier than to be yourself, so let your guard down.  Laughter is contagious and can instantly improve your mood.  If you are happy, most likely your mate will be happy!

Keep your love brewing…xoxo!

the little things.

IMG_6860{via Instagram}
I am in love with this image above.  My friend saw it on Instagram and sent it to me… lovely Stephanie- Thank you.  It’s the little things that can make a difference and affect the people around you.  I am so lucky to have friends and family that are so supportive.  It is so important to surround yourself with people who inspire, uplift, and motivate you.
I began blogging mainly for me.  I thought it would be a cool way to document moments in my life and honestly as I’ve aged, I was feeling as though I had lost my creative outlet.  Since I’ve started Crew & Lu, I feel invigorated.  I want to try new things, even if they don’t result in what I envisioned.  Most importantly I want to become a DO-er, no more putting things off or making excuses.  It’s time to make it happen.  I have big plans for the future of Crew & Lu.  And I hope you all take a ride with me and experience my journey in developing my brand.  I can guarantee funny stories, insight, and fun!

 I want to create a movement to help inspire people much like myself who need to revive their thirst for life.  It’s titled, “The little things” and it’s simple…UPLIFT others.

The Little Things MOVEMENT

*FIRST TASK, reach out to 1 person by the end of the week and do something simple to help bring a smile to their face.  It can be as easy as a phone call, text them a joke, send them a funny pic, buy them a coffee, anything that will make their day.  I promise you will feel gratification by their response.  This may seem insignificant, but these little gestures can sometimes mean the most!  So I encourage you to participate with me!

*SECOND TASK, this will be fun I promise.  Pick one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but for some reason you haven’t and DO IT!  Like a new hairstyle, a new fitness class, a DIY project, ANYTHING.  This task will help develop time for yourself and bring your creativity out! If you want to make this more fun, take a pic and post it on Instagram and make sure you hashtag #LittleThingsMovement.  It will be so much fun to see everyones adventures.
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I would love to hear all of your stories and hope you revive your creativity.  This will be epic!

macaroonsFrench Macaroons- the Queen of all desserts, in my eyes.  They are so dainty and divine.  I have always wanted to make these, so to embrace “The Little Things” second task -I took on the challenge.  I followed the Martha Stewart recipe and they turned out quite lovely.    I felt so accomplished and proud of the petite treats. They made the perfect delivery to my gal pals.

You can do it 🙂

5 Ways to dress when you’re not your hot self.

UyenHave you ever had one of those days… when you try on four different outfits and you hate everything you have on because you just feel yucky in them?  Then, under your breath in a depressed tone you say “UGH, I have nothing to wear” while staring at a closet full of clothes.  Yep, I’m raising my hand as we speak.  I truly feel we get so frustrated at our selves because in the moment when you feel horrible, we tend to grab things that accentuate our frustrations.  Example, when I feel a little bloated, it’s probably not a good idea to grab that form fitted shirt to go with skinny jeans.  I’m not saying to dress frumpy, don’t take your mood out on your wardrobe.  But you can definitely still dress chic and cute in a comfortable way when you’re not feelin so hot!
042513_WOM_tshirtChic_DIR_US1b{Drawstring maxi dress and denim vest, GAP}
1)  Go for PATTERN!  Pattern is great way to cover up and disguise what you are feeling.  This horizontal stripe is so flattering, and immediately draws your eye to the outfit as a whole.  Add a cute denim vest to break up the stripes and you have a look that is so comfortable.

image1xxl{Black maxi skirt, Asos}
2)  BLACK is a girls best friend!  This color is so flattering on all body types!  A high wasted maxi skirt can define your waist, giving you shape and yet it doesn’t “hug” your legs making you feel stuffy.  I love how it’s paired with a flowy tank that has a subtle pattern giving it just enough femininity.

56877_KP1801_m{Baseball tee, JCrew}
3)  Who doesn’t love a great Tee?  I love contrasting colors- the baseball style t-shirt draws the focus to the upper body so people will be noticing your rockin hair or your bright smile right away!

image1xl{Tie dye maxi dress, Asos}
4)  Don’t be afraid to show some shoulders.  When wearing a full covering outfit, make sure you leave some skin so you are not covered head to toe.  Especially, when I’m feeling more bloated than usual I don’t like to dress in anything tight or form fitting.  This maxi dress has a perfect balance of being loose but not to frumpy.

V363103-1{Sweatpants, Victoria Secret}
5)  There has a been such a big “no- no” to sweatpants.  And you know what…if you wanna wear sweatpants, then give them some LOVE and sport em’!  Remember it’s all about how you feel, and let’s be honest, they are just the coziest!  Throw on a cute denim jacket and you’ve just dressed them up a bit.

So the next time you are feeling a little down, make sure you are picking your outfit to compliment what you feel good about that day!  Don’t stress too much about the clothes and focus on either your hair or make-up.  The frumpy day feeling will pass and I’m sure the next day you’ll be trending in your heels and mini skirt!


CREW & LU SQ-1. Biz CardEveryone has bright ideas and wonderful insight.  It just depends if they want to share it with the world.  I was always nervous about documenting certain aspects of my life nor did I think anyone was going to find me interesting.  But since I have started, I have enjoyed it so much.  Not only has it been challenging but quite a learning experience.  I like giving myself the opportunity to be surrounded by creative, motivated, and the loveliest of people.  I have already made some new budding friendships as well as strengthened some.
I am so thrilled and giddy to show you my new business cards and stationary.  It was important for me to have CREW & LU as a recognizable brand not only to establish creditability but to achieve the overall look I was going for.  I knew I wanted clean lines with a touch of whimsy.  I turned to my good friend Julie, with Champagne Press to help me with my branding.  From the instant I started to collaborate and share my ideas, Julie ran with them (I should say danced with them) and made them even better!  If you ever need any lovely stationary, cards, invites, and now branding; Champagne Press will help make your ideas come to life.  I hope you enjoy everything as much as I love them.
brand 1{CREW & LU stationary}
brand 4 brand 3brand 2{CREW & LU mini cards}
brand 5

“All successful people men and women are big dreamers.  They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose”. – Brian Tracy