blog party…link up

UyenI hope everyone is having a FaBuLoUs Friday!  Testing this blog party post out, hopefully you like it too and want to share!
Here are the details:
Join the link party by choosing one of your blog posts from this week and introduce it in my comments sections.  Also remember to share the link to it!  It can be any post you’d like to share- whether its funny, a DIY, personal, fashion, anything of your choosing!

I got this fabulous idea by a fellow blogger, Atlantamomofthree.  She is so sweet and has amazing thoughts on motherhood and life in general.  Valerie has also been so helpful to me as I’m growing by blogging skills.
Share a post on my comment feed, and then hop on over to her thread and share on hers too!  Just click the image below to get on the blog party at Atlantamomofthree!
Can’t wait to read all of your posts!!!


30 thoughts on “blog party…link up

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    • Valerie, Loved this post of yours… It brought up a great topic and every family is different, it was neat to see all the different approaches.

      • Yes, it certainly provided me with more sleep in the beginning! Congratulations on your upcoming little one!! 😀

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    • Time just creeps up on us doesn’t it…if we could only have a few extra hours in the day so moms could do whatever we wanted to do right!

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