revamping the blog.

cropped-crew-lu-blush.jpgWhen I first started blogging, I did it mainly for me.  I wasn’t worried about having any followers or impressing anyone.  But since I’ve started I’ve met such interesting creative people and that fueled my spark! It was a way to express myself and it has turned into a hobby of sorts.
So now I’m at a stage where I really want to dive in and take this seriously.  Therefore, leading me to this topic…upgrading my current blog I have now to a custom one.  This current theme you are seeing now is one of many that is free with WordPress.  I’m still new at this so I just learn as I go.  I know I’m missing important things on the blog, like social media buttons, contact page, and too many to list.  I really feel it’s important to have a visual site that really represents my personality and the message I want to get across.  I’m in love with my logo- still feel like it’s timeless and classic.  My girlfriend, Julie has been so awesome in helping me create a brand.  You can view my branding post here.  I’ve been surfing the web for ideas so I have a few color schemes I love…
RMY_Brandboard{via– loving the color scheme}
Redmetyellow is a design team that I am crushing on.  They have such impeccable work and new modern ideas.  I am in love with how intricate their sites look and they also seem easy to navigate.  I contacted Megan, their web designer, and got an answer right away.  I think it is so important to have great communication with your designer as your outcome will just be that much better because you’ve expressed your vision.  I feel like your web designer should be able to get your ideas out of you and execute your vision to the best of their abilities.   Redmetyellow is a definite front runner for my new website.
October-Ink-Cara-Loren-Website{via }
I stumbled across October Ink on Instagram.  They have designed some fellow bloggers’ sites and I am totally diggin their esthetic.  I love their light-fresh approach and feel they would represent my brand very well.  My hubs will tell you, I act on impulse.  But I really feel that October Ink would make sure I have something I won’t get sick and will be timeless.
BikinisPassportsBlogDesign{via– Really enjoying this color scheme!}

Creating a custom site can definitely cost a pretty penny.  So I definitely have to put some good thought into this.  I want to be thorough as possible but time is also important, as I don’t want to take forever with a new launch of my blog.  Fellow bloggers, I’m asking for your help!  Any advice on how to choose a web designer?  How to come up with the look of your blog.  Do you think it’s important to have a custom site to define you?

Looking forward to your input!  Feel free to post a comment linking anything you’ve written about this topic!


7 thoughts on “revamping the blog.

  1. First off, LOVE your logo! So beautiful and so timeless, I guarantee either of the designers you choose will do an amazing job and and create a site you love. I definitely think collecting inspiration and understanding what you want will really help move things forward and help your designer. I will stay tuned and keep my eye out for the revamp!! Good luck!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words Angela. I’ve been collecting ideas and I guess I’m just worried with all the money I’d be investing that I want to make sure it’s not trendy or something I will want to change in 6 months.
      You’re work is also so beautiful!!! I love all your design boards! I’m sending an email your way right now! Would love to chat with you more!
      Decisions…decisions. My husband says I’m perfect at deciding what I don’t like…but when it comes to making a decision I’m horrible. At least for my own products! I think about it too much. Hope you can give me some clarity!

      • Aww you are too sweet! It definitely is a big investment but it is also an opportunity for personal and business growth…and a place to be creativity and be yourself. I also have to agree with Zee, definitely go with self hosted there is so many more customization options and room for growth. There is also some maintenance with it too, with updates and etc, but well worth it in my opinion.

        And yes it is scary making decisions on the overall look and design and fearing that you will not like it 6 months down the road, but keep in mind trends are inevitable…I mean Pantone runs the design world with colors and change them every year! I’ve had my blog for almost two years and I am in the process of re-branding because I have grown so much and am evolving with design..and also because I really do not like it anymore 🙂

        Sorry that was so long, definitely email me if you every have any questions with this process!

  2. Uyen, are you looking to move to a self- hosted site? The pros of moving to a self-hosted site are that you will have more options available to you when it comes to customization of site. For example, customizing your social media buttons, displaying your Instagram pics etc. I don’t deny that moving to a self-hosted site also means that you are a little disconnected from the wonderful WordPress community! For example, there will no longer a follow button at the top left hand button for WordPress users to click to follow you and have your posts displayed in their reader. I’ve enjoyed the flexibility and the options available through the various plugins though. Here’s my post on this topic with a helpful link.

    I’m using a theme from but have my eyes set on the genesis framework with their beautiful child themes. I suspect it will only work with self-hosted sites that are on the platform though. I understand that it is fairly easy to put something together without having to go to a web designer. Here’s the link.

    Sorry for the long comment and I hope this helps! Will be watching this space 😉

    • Zee, Oh my gosh- thank you for all the information! I appreciate it so much, and to be honest I wasn’t even thinking about a self hosted site because I don’t even know how to approach it. The links you included are so helpful, I will definitely have to look more into it! My mind is racing! Ha! Hope your day is wonderful…

  3. Loving all the replies – us girls help each other out! Uyen you have amazing taste so don’t worry. And once you have it set like you like it IF in 6 months you do have a change there are going to be small things you can do to change it up without having to do a full makeover!! Proud of you friend! Love your blog. I think you are a great mother, wife and person and we are lucky to follow you!

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