weekend recap.

TKThis is TK…one of my three sisters.  We four sisters have a special bond, unexplainable.  I’ll highlight my sisters in future posts, till then I’ll fill you in on what happened in my world this past  weekend.  TK and I attended The Shine Project’s Beauty Bar event and it was so fun getting pampered.  I did a post about The Shine Project here…and if you haven’t read up on them you should because they are amazing.  Truly inspiring, Ashley (founder of The Shine Project) is creating such an awesome movement.
Beautybar{Sorry didn’t have many shots from the event, it was so windy that night.  This pic is from my iPhone}  We got to hear from some students, past recipients of The Shine Project Scholarship Fund and future applicants.  They were all so sweet and grateful!
crew swimWe also attended my friend’s son’s fourth birthday party.  And as you can see Crew got some water time fun in.  Let me tell you, he loves the water…maybe a future swimmer on our hands?  Ha!  So fun to watch him splash around thinking he is one of the big kids!
crewanddaddy{iphone pic}
crewleggings{iphone pic}
So excited that I got to work on my sewing skills this weekend.  I’ve never really had that much patience but I’m learning.  And the gratification I get when I have a finished product is just peachy!  I love love love baby leggings!  Not only do they look super cool but I feel like they would be so much more comfortable for the babes to crawl around in…

aztec leggingsheadbands{iphone pic}
Of course I had to get some girly stuff in there too.  Head bands are so cute on baby girls, I can’t stand it!
crew in leggings{iphone pic}
Crew rockin his baby leggings.  Seriously this kid is just too cool.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


5 thoughts on “weekend recap.

  1. I have three sisters too! What number are you? I’m second-born. 🙂 Crew is just too cute. xoxo
    P.S. Did you receive the email I sent you last week? It was all about blogging and followers, etc. I sent it to the email that shows up when you comment. If you didn’t get it, I can resend it to another address. 🙂

    • Valerie- I am the youngest of us four! And thanks about Crew…of course I’m obsessed with him.

      I did receive your email..Thank you sooo much! I’ve been meaning to respond but haven’t had a chance. Will email you soon 😉

      • I’m closest to my baby sister. 😀
        Oh good, I’m glad you got the email – I just wondered if I had sent it to an email you don’t normally check or something.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Hope this finds you well. I will be making an announcement soon about my pre-sale. We are relaunching our website with an online shop in a couple of weeks. In the mean time, follow me on instagram; CrewandLu. I post sneak peeks of my prints and the status of the shop. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Thanks for the love.

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