uyenWho’s excited for the weekend?  My hand is definitely raised!  The weather is lovely, which means I can sport my spring attire!  I’m thrilled to see so many colorful skirts this season.  Pair it with a simple top and you are good to go.  I suggest investing in some good neutral shoes as it can go with pretty much any outfit.
{skirt is from H&M, from a couple of seasons ago}
{tank from H&M, it’s the perfect white tank}
{necklace, Forever 21}
{shoes, Jimmy Choo}

uyen5uyen2bagIsn’t this tablet case so cute…it’s from Target!  One of my fab finds.
crewster{Had to squeeze in a pic of my little gem}


3 thoughts on “style.

  1. You are so pretty! LOVE the look! I love your mix of high fashion stuff/affordable (and adorable) stuff! Inspired me to buy something a few things at Forever the other day and it’s so fun. I am always saving for expensive stuff but realizing I can buy more stuff if I mix and match. Thanks for the tips!!!

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