pretty things.

I’ve been determined to get a little organization in my life.  I find that I have so many ideas and sometimes forget about them cause I’m running around like a mad woman.  I know many people carry idea pads or notebooks with them and yes I’m a little late but I’m starting to catch on.  I sometimes use my notes app on my iPhone but I find something therapeutic about writing out thoughts and ideas the old school way with pen and paper.  I’ve been jotting down to do lists and ideas for my blog.  You might find a doodle or two too.  I can’t tell you how many notebooks I have that are just waiting to be used.  I have a little thing for pretty notebooks!

{Notebooks purchased from Target, not sure if these ones are still available but you can find similar ones here.  Brooch is from Forever21– such a great budget find and one of my favorite pieces}
I had a chance to stop into one of my favorite furniture stores…The Crowded House in Chandler, Arizona.  I love almost every piece in the store and let me tell you it is packed with goodness!  I know furniture can get pretty pricey and therefore  I am a believer in investing in pieces that are timeless and can grow with you as your taste changes.  The Crowded House has a very eclectic feel and my home is definitely craving some dining chairs I’ve had my eye on.

{gorgeous grey tweed tufted chair displayed at The Crowded House}
{tufted ivory sofa is to die for and the desk with the mirrored drawers caught my eye}
crowded house

I’m sure I’ll do an in depth feature on The Crowded House in the future.  I will be venturing out on this overcast day enjoying the rest of the weekend.  Hope your weekend is filled with lots of adventures!

“Joy delights in joy”.  -William SHakespeare


One thought on “pretty things.

  1. I am doing the pen and paper thing too! It is extremely helpful and clears my mind (even before I’ve done the tasks on the paper!) 🙂

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